Scenic Painting

This technique shows how to create a scenic painting. For this example, I will be using a Paiwt Kit and a paint brush.

Paiwt Kit

Start by mixing Paiwt Colors with Paiwt Medium. Create three seperate Paiwt Colorful Medium including: Pink, Yellow, and Blue. Create only a small quarter sized amount of Pink and Yellow, and around 4 times as much Blue (more is needed for larger canvas, this example is using 8" x 8").

Dip your paint brush into the Paiwt Pink Colorful Medium and brush onto the canvas.

Using the same brush, dip into the Paiwt Yellow Colorful Medium and brush onto and around the Paiwt Pink Colorful Medium.

Pour Paiwt Blue Medium onto canvas, but not onto your Paiwt Pink and Paiwt Yellow Medium.

Using the same paint brush, paint the blue onto the canvas until the painting is covered.

Using a Paiwt Brown Color Dropper, create lines that resemble organic growth.

Overlap the Paiwt Brown growths that are just above the horizon with Paiwt Green Color Dropper, leaving pure Brown growth below.

Awe-inspiring! Your Scenic Painting has come to life! Thank you for visiting.

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