Paiwt Expander

By using Paiwt Expander, Paiwt offers the ability to create a powerful visual effect that will amplify your Paiwt Colors outwards in all directions while mixing the Paiwt Colors in the center creating a beautiful unique design that moves, dances, and grows each second. Apply one drop onto your layered Paiwt Colors and you will be dazzled by a unique display of moving and mixing colors; different Paiwt Color sequences produce different effects.

Expander Page Image #1

The expander helps the Paiwt Colors grow out if needed. When two or more Paiwt Colors are dropped onto or around each other, expander will mix the two+ Paiwt Colors together to form new Paiwt Colors. It can also be applied to single Paiwt Color.

Paiwt Expander is a biodegradable, nontoxic, and all-natural formulation.

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