Learn About Paiwt

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Paiwt. Made from water soluble, nontoxic, and odorless materials, Paiwt creates colorful permanent dendrite acrylic fractals. Created in 2009 by Daniel Crosswaters Bohnett, Paiwt was initially known by another name, and over the years has gone through numerous name changes including: Artist Group Anonymous, Art Kit Store, UPT (Unique Painting Technique) Paints, Crosswaters Paints, and ArtWaters.  In 2010, under the Artist Group Anonymous name, Daniel published the first YouTube video of acrylic dendrite fractals being created.

Crosswaters continued producing his organic dendrite fractal painting videos, while posting his Techniques. In early 2011, Mr. Bohnett recieved his first order, and has been selling all over the world, over 40 countries, ever since.

Please review our F.A.Q.s below, and if you have any further questions or comments please visit our contact page or our Telegram.

To start creating artwork with Paiwt, what materials do I need?
You will need all three of the following: Paiwt White Medium, Paiwt Color Droppers, and Paiwt Expander.
What surfaces does Paiwt work on?
Paiwt works great on canvas. Other surfaces used include plastic, metal, wood, cloth, cardboard, and other nonporous surfaces.
How much area will one 8 ounce bottle of Paiwt White Medium cover?
5 to 6 square feet depending on the thickness of the layer.
How thick should the Paiwt White Medium be on canvas?
I recommend having a layer that is even throughout the canvas. To achieve this dripping may occur. You will need to tilt the canvas after the Paiwt White Medium has been poured on. Tilting in all directions until the Paiwt White Medium is a nice even layer throughout the canvas. You can also use a paint brush to paint your Paiwt White Medium onto your canvas.
How many drops of color are in a bottle of Paiwt Color Droppers/Expander?
100 drops per 1/10 bottle and 500 drops per 1/2 oz bottle of Paiwt Color Droppers and Expander.
When do you use the Paiwt Expander? What does it actually do?
The Paiwt Expander helps the Paiwt Colors grow out if needed. When two or more Paiwt Colors are dropped onto or around each other, Paiwt Expander will mix the two+ colors together to form new colors. It can also be applied to single colors.
How do I get rid of bubbles?
There are ways to achieve a pour with no bubbles. A very light shake should produce a Paiwt White Medium that has no bubbles, the harder the bottle is shaken the more bubbles produced. Another method is to use only the double chamber bottle to pour out of, squeezing your Paiwt White Medium out of the double chamber bottle usually produces a nice smooth mixed Paiwt White Medium because it has to be squeezed upward and the spout at the top eliminates the bubbles using this process.
How long will it take to dry?
Typically dries in 24-48 hours, depending on your room temperature, amount of colors dropped, and thickness of the layer.
If I am not happy with my order, can I get my money back?
Absolutely, satisfaction is guaranteed for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.