Creating Starfish

Creating Starfish is fun and exciting.

I will be using a spoon, two mixing cups, a surface to paint on (like canvas or plastic), Paiwt Medium, and four different Paiwt Colors. Start by taping your cardboard, smoothing out any bubbles, then pouring Paiwt Medium into your cups.

Drop your first and second Paiwt Colors separately into your Paiwt Mediums, then stir until fully mixed.

Pour the first mixture onto your painting surface.

Drop your third Paiwt Color into the center of your pour.

Pour your second color mixed medium into the center of your first color drop.

Use your spoon to create curved designs starting from the center going outward.

Drop your fourth color into the center of your design.

Marvel at your new Starfish design that was fun and exciting to make! Once dry, your design will peel off the plastic surface.

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