Blow Drip

This technique allows the use of many Paiwt Color drops on a small amount of Paiwt Medium. For this example, I will be using a Paiwt Kit.

Paiwt Kit

Start by pouring a small amount of Paiwt Medium (about a quarter size) onto a flat level surface. Here I am using the plastic painting surface provided by the Blow Drip Kit.

Drop one drop of Paiwt Color, here I am dropping Paiwt Pink.

Blow onto the painting (a straw is not required but is recommended), spreading the Paiwt Color and Paiwt Medium.

Drop Paiwt Color or Paiwt Expander. Here I am dropping Paiwt Green.

Blow onto painting, then continue adding Paiwt Colors or Paiwt Expander and blowing until desired design.

Awesome! You have made amazing artwork using a small amount of Paiwt Medium with the Blow Drip technique.

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