Colorful Medium

This technique is one of my favorites, it creates a colorful medium by mixing Paiwt Colors with Paiwt Medium.

You will need a glass or bowl, Paiwt Medium, 3 Paiwt Colors, and Paiwt Expander. For this demonstration I will be using blue in the medium and dropping yellow and red. Start by pouring Paiwt Medium into your glass or bowl. Next, drop Paiwt Colors onto the Paiwt Medium.

Stir until your are satisfied with your colorful new medium. Pour onto your desired surface, here I am using a plastic tray. Drop your Paiwt Colors followed by Paiwt Expander.

Congratulations! You have made a gorgeous colorful design with an equally colorful background! If you painted onto a plastic surface, your painting will peel off once fully dry (around 48 hours).

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