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Unique Paiwt Explosion

Competing in our board game creates Unique Paiwt Explosions, or UPE for short. Each UPE consists of a random color design that a player completes to win.

Unique Paiwt Creature

A Unique Paiwt Creature (UPC) ERC-1155 is the result of a Unique Paiwt Explosion’s (UPE) ERC-1155 metamorphosis.

Paiwt The Board Game

Purchase the official Paiwt The Board Game here. Learn the rules to game and view the Paiwt Cards and Paiwt Board.

Ernie ERC-1155 NFT Collectibles

Enjin Ernest, "Paiwt Hand," commonly known as "Ernie," takes on the role of infinite characters, unlocking special ability during a tournament.

The Chatroom

Join our interactive Telegram group. Chat live with us and enter giveaways. Private and Cloud-Based, Telegram messages are heavily encrypted.


NFT Collectibles Overview

Overview of all Paiwt Enjin ERC-1155 Collectible Tokens. Learn about the Enjin Blockchain Legacy assets, as well as The Paiwt Game Enjin Platform.