The Board Game

To play Paiwt The Board Game, use the downloads below along with a Paiwt Kit. To mint your NFT, once your game has finished, visit The Paiwt Mint Shop.

Model I Downloads:

Instructions Paiwt Cards
Paiwt Board Tally Sheets

Paiwt The Board Game Model I is currently out of stock. Model II will be available soon. Stay up to date through our Telegram.

Model I Description Price
Kit Includes: (7) Paiwt Color Droppers in 3mL bottles, (1) Paiwt White Medium in 8 oz dual chamber bottle, (1) Paiwt Expander in 15mL bottle, (1) Paiwt Board, (1) 52 Card Deck of Paiwt Cards, (1) Instructions Booklet, (6) Score Sheets, (7) Mixing Cups, (1) Enjin Ernie ERC-1155 NFT, Unique Paiwt Explosion ERC-1155 Custom NFT Mint. 99.99
Paiwt Kit