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All NFT minted through this service are Enjin ERC-1155 Blockchain Assets that are cross-platform compatible, automatically supported by the Enjin Wallet, powered by a robust suite of modular smart contracts—and therefore more advanced than Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Enjin Coin itself. To get started, you must first complete a game using Paiwt The Board Game. Playing the game allows you to create your Unique Paiwt Explosions. Once you have completed a game of Paiwt The Board Game, and your designs are dry, you are able to scan them in. After you have your scanned picture, you will need to send it to us unedited. Once received, we will make sure everything is cleaned up and proportionalized for minting. Minting can take up to 10 Business Days. Once minted, your Official Paiwt UPE ERC-1155 NFT will be sent your Enjin Wallet. Official Paiwt UPE ERC-1155 NFTs will be backed by 5 Enjin.

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Unique Paiwt Explosion ERC-1155 Custom NFT Mint


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