Unique Paiwt Explosion

Unique Paiwt Explosion™ (UPE) is the final scannable art creation that is peeled off of the game board surface after the game is over. Its approximate diameter is about 3 inches. Explosions are unique because Paiwt employs the Crosswaters™️ methodology, which has family roots. It's creator, Daniel Crosswaters Bohnett, used materials his part-time artist parents experimented with. His mother used various synchromatic dyes to colorize her black and white photographs. His father experimented with different biological staining effects when applied to various wet media acrylic surfaces. By combining certain components, Mr. Bohnett evolved his unique art form, which he documented on YouTube over the last 10 years.

Create UPE ERC-1155 Tokens

Create Enjin ERC-1155 NFT Tokens by submitting a scan of your Unique Paiwt Explosion (or UPE for short). Visit The UPE NFT Mint Shop to get started.

UPEs are Valuable

Paiwt is an extension of the Crosswaters™ method. The only water based methodology in the world that produces such a intricately beautiful effect. Crosswaters™ creations by themselves are valuable.
Paiwt provides players of most ages and abilities the tools to create beautiful Unique Paiwt Explosion ERC-1155 NFT Tokens.
Every beautiful organic fractal effect is unique. No two could ever be the same. The effect is cultureless and represents an art form that everyone in the world agrees upon, as evidenced by happy Paiwt customers in over 40 countries.️
Each Unique Paiwt Explosion can be cashed in for their Enjin counterpart at any time and forever.
Each Unique Paiwt Explosion is secure due to their irreproducible nature and block security measures, i.e. codes.
Every UPE goes through a metamorphosis, typically taking around 14 days to complete, which creates a new separate Unique Paiwt Creature.