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Unique Paiwt Explosion

Competing in our board game creates Unique Paiwt Explosions, or UPE for short. Each UPE consists of a random color design that a player completes to win.

Mint Your UPE Token

All tokens minted through this service are ERC-1155 blockchain assets that are cross-platform compatible, automatically supported by the Enjin Wallet.

Paiwt The Board Game

Purchase the official Paiwt The Board Game here. Learn the rules to game and view the Paiwt Cards and Paiwt Board.

Ernie ERC-1155 Collectibles

Enjin Ernest, "Paiwt Hand," commonly known as "Ernie," takes on the role of infinite characters, unlocking special abilitys during a tournament.


Purchase your official Paiwt Merchandise. Hats, T-Shirts, and Misc Items are available. Customized items per customer request available.

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